Our Process

Step One

Strategic Analysis

Strategic planning and development is critical. The better the information coming in, the better the program coming out! No one knows more about your customers and your needs than you do, and we spend ample time on the front end to blend our respective areas of expertise, clarify your objectives and conduct a profitability analysis. This enables us to create the right program to meet your strategic current and long-term objectives:

  • Customer retention and loyalty
  • Increasing customer cross-selling opportunities
  • Reducing overhead costs of running internal programs

Step Two

Program Development

Once analysis is complete, Econocheck reviews our core strategies with the client to determine the best program development to help you deliver the right products to the right customers in the way that best suits them.

  • Strategies designed for your objectives
  • Benefit mix that is most appealing to your customer base
  • Pricing - competitive, yet aggressive enough to meet your fee income goals
  • Point of Sale marketing materials to engage and educate
  • Thoughtful customer contact - how to best sell your program

Step Three

Implementing the Program

Econocheck engages a thorough and thoughtful implementation process, working with you to provide pre-launch training and motivation, launch merchandising and practical customer fulfillment:

  • Thorough program/product training with on-side Econocheck trainers
  • Incentive planning, motivational launch activities and performance tracking to promote sales
  • Internal and external merchandising: point of sale, advertising, direct marketing

Step Four

Continuous Econocheck Support

Econocheck never employs a "launch and leave" strategy. Ours is a business partnership, and we stay in touch the way business partners should. We employ ongoing support, program follow-up and analysis. If your needs shift, we shift.

  • Post-implementation analysis: what worked, what needs adjustment
  • Program performance analysis: semi-annual review of profitability and membership
  • Fee increase or new strategy opportunities
  • Value added checking benefit review and refresh
  • Benefit fulfillment